Leaving school and embarking on a digital marketing apprenticeship was not a path I had initially planned. Like many others, I held the belief that apprenticeships were primarily for those who struggled academically and had limited chances of attending university. However, as circumstances presented themselves, I began to see the appeal of an apprenticeship, particularly in a field as dynamic as digital marketing. The prospect of hands-on learning, the ability to earn money while gaining practical skills, and the opportunity to avoid being confined to a traditional school setting were all factors that influenced my decision.

Why I Chose a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

Upon receiving my AS level results, which left much to be desired, I was confronted with three options: repeat year 12, enroll in a local college for a business course, or pursue an apprenticeship. The prospect of spending additional years in school did not appeal to me, and the allure of a digital marketing apprenticeship became increasingly apparent. I recognized that experience holds significant value in the digital marketing industry, often outweighing formal education. This realization, coupled with a desire to enter the job market sooner and the appeal of practical learning, led me to choose an apprenticeship.

Considerations and Challenges of a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

While an apprenticeship offers the potential for valuable experience, it is crucial to acknowledge that not all opportunities will provide the desired growth and knowledge. I have witnessed fellow digital marketing apprentices being placed in job roles that offered limited prospects for professional development. It is essential to be discerning when evaluating job offers and seek positions that provide the necessary experience and exposure to different aspects of digital marketing. By doing so, apprentices can make the most of their learning journey and lay a solid foundation for future career advancement.

Progression Opportunities After an Apprenticeship

The beauty of a digital marketing apprenticeship lies in its potential for progression within the industry. Through my own experience, I have seen how the knowledge, experience, and skills gained during the apprenticeship period make individuals highly desirable in the digital marketing job market. Furthermore, it is worth noting that completing an apprenticeship can open doors to university education without the constraints of traditional entry requirements. Universities often take into consideration alternative qualifications and work experience, providing additional avenues for growth and learning in the field of digital marketing.

Exploring University as an Option

While I initially set my sights on university education, the decision to pursue a digital marketing apprenticeship does not necessarily rule out the possibility of attending university in the future. In fact, completing an apprenticeship can offer a unique advantage. Universities are often more receptive to applicants with relevant work experience, allowing individuals who have completed apprenticeships to be considered based on their practical skills and knowledge. For those considering university, it is important to conduct thorough research, identify courses aligned with personal interests, and explore alternative pathways that leverage the experience gained during the apprenticeship.


In conclusion, my journey of leaving school and embracing a digital marketing apprenticeship has opened my eyes to the myriad of opportunities available in the field. It challenges the notion that apprenticeships are solely for those who struggle academically, instead highlighting the value of hands-on experience in a rapidly evolving industry. While the decision between an apprenticeship and university is a personal one, it is crucial to recognize the importance of gaining practical skills and knowledge, as well as the potential for growth and progression. Whether one chooses an apprenticeship, pursues university education, or combines both, the key is to remain adaptable, continue learning, and seize opportunities in the dynamic realm of digital marketing.


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