Finally Affodable Websites Designed For Small Businesses

We’re bringing to you website that are tailored to your businesses and brand. We’ll do all of the building for you and deliver it you in as little as 1 week! We keep our costs cheap by building on an optimized WordPress Template. This allows us to bring you a new website, that’s fast, reliable and ensure your current and potential customers have a great experience online and in person.

The Minimalist

$ 300

1 page

Easy Navigation

Unique Content

Great As A Digital Business Card

The Ready & Wanting

$ 950 $ 750

Upto 8 pages

SEO Optimized Structure

Unique Content

Ideal For Multiple Service Businesses

Fast Google Indexing

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What Is The Average Cost Of A Website?

Did you know that Go Daddy says the average one-page website costs between $500-$2000. That’s if you want someone else to build it. You could build a website yourself on a builder like Wix or Squarespace but they aren’t optimized for ranking well on Google and can often not be updated for months on end. (

Why Are Elevate Local Website Cheap?

We just want to help! Also we’re a one man team that want’s to provide affordable online solutions to other small businesses. We utilize premium WordPress Builders to frame your website quickly and we use your business information to draft out content quick so you can spend a little and get a whole lot back.

Why Should I Trust Elevate Local With My Business’ Website

Elevate Local has been in the digital marketing industry for over 8 years. We’ve seen how small businesses often don’t have a lot of guidance in what they should be doing online. We wanted to offer cheap website and free information on what’s right for them and their company.

Do I need ongoing website maintenance?

Yes and no. We’ll make sure you have all of the right plugins for security and speed, however, plugins may need to be updated over time which can be done with a click (we can show you how to do it yourself). It’s also useful to refresh content if you have more than 5 pages. We do offer monthly services which includes search engine optimization and Google Business Profile Management.

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  • We’re based In Clarksville TN. If you’re local to us we can come out and meet you at your business.