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Ai seems to be the talk of the future town. From creating artwork, to intuitive bidding strategies in PPC marketing campaigns, it’s hard to escape it. But what about the applications of AI for content creation and SEO? Can it replace a copywriter? Can it create the best SEO content? In this post, we will be exploring these questions.

Which content creating Ai to choose?

A large portion of this blog will be written using HyperWrite, any text that is underlined has been suggested by the Ai. HyperWrite is an AI that creates content by understanding the context and user intent. It does this by taking in a set of keywords and then creating content based on those keywords. It is important to note that HyperWrite is not designed to replace a human copywriter. It is designed to help them.

Using HyperWrite to create content is relatively easy. There are approaches to take with the platform.

  1. Provide the Ai a prompt to work from. Include keywords and topics you’d like it to include.
  2. Start typing and the Ai will have suggestions on how to finish the sentence.

I would suggest using the first method to generate larger blocks of content. However, I find that the suggestions don’t always fit. More often than not there will be some editing that needs to be done to make sure it’s the best possible content. As mentioned by the Ai itself, the HyperWrite platform is not designed to replace a copywriter but offer assistance in content creation. Although many of the suggestions are easily workable, it will always require some level of editing. This is where asking the question of whether or not an Ai can create SEO optimised content for your website, comes into play. As an SEO specialist, there are a variety of keywords to consider when drafting content as well as a whole host of other factors that come into effect when reviewing content. Can you really trust an Ai to really take into account everything an SEO expert would?

Well, it depends on what tools you’re using. Although I’m writing this blog with the assistance of Hyperwrite. A tool I’ve used occasionally is INK. Offering a set of 3 Ai enhanced SEO tools.

  • Ai Writer
  • SEO Optimizer
  • Content Planner

Offering these 3 tools geared towards SEO professionals, to plan, develop and analyse content from an SEO perspective is unique. I’ve found the ‘SEO optimzer’ the most useful. However, it worked very similarly to tools like SEMrush and Grammarly. INK provides a score based on competition, targeted keywords, grammar and overall structure. It’s useful to see it all in one place and can ensure you’re approaching the topic of content from the right angle.

Can An Ai replace the need for a copywriter?

Simply put, no. There are a number of reasons for this. First, copywriters bring a level of creativity that machines have not yet been able to replicate. Second, copywriters have an intimate understanding of grammar, spelling, and punctuation that machines have not yet been able to replicate.

However ,in some ways, yes. With the right tools, an AI can help to create content. However, it is important to note that the AI is not designed to replace the copywriter. There will always be a need for a human to review the content and make sure that it is of the highest quality.

I must say that even though I’m issuing prompts for the Ai to take into account when generating content I’m quite impressed with the basic structure of the sentences and the general readability of the content. I still wouldn’t ever recommend replacing a copywriter with an Ai, but if it can ease the workload or spark the creativity of a copywriter I would say there is a place for Ai.

Will I continue to use Ai in my future content?

Simply put: Yes. Content writing is such a specific skill that is hard to master. As a SEO specialist first and copywriter 4th I appreciate the prompts, the ideas and the potential of content writing AIs. Hyperwrite has been a tool I’ve occasionally used to get me started on a piece of content. It seems to be ideal for smaller pieces of content that only needs to be a few sentences long. For larger pieces of content I would always trust a human to see the journey a user should experience whilst taking into consideration a brand’s tone of voice, SEO requirements and many more factors.

It seems that even though AI is still in it’s infancy there’s still a lot of potential for it to grow. As a SEO specialist, I often find myself in need of content and even though the majority of the suggestions are easily workable, it will always require some level of editing. This is where asking the question of whether or not an AI can create SEO optimised content for your website, comes into play.

As you can tell by the amount of content underlined, I’ve given every opportunity for Hyperwrite to implement its own content suggestions. Hopefully you find the content that isn’t underlined just as informative. I have faith in the evolution of Ai. Not just for content creation but for many more applications.

I hope you’ve found this blog about whether or not Ai can be used to create a blog.


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