Work Experience.

A timeline of how I grew to become an SEO specialist

ADAO ltd

Starting in 2015 I’ve been immersed in the world of digital marketing. Starting as an apprentice within a marketing team at a premium agency I was allowed to explore my interests and learn about all aspects of digital marketing with a variety of clients. Although apprentice by title, I was quickly put in charge of managing clients 1 to 1 to develop and implement strategies for social, email, content, SEO and paid search campaigns. This allowed me to grow my understanding of best practice and how to adapt to a range of industries.
October, 2015

UP Hotel Agency

A sister agency to ADOA, UP Hotel Agency dedicated accounts to businesses in the travel and hospitality industry. Each client requiring an unique and tactical approach to increase growth across social media, CRM, PPC and SEO. Utilising website audits and my industry expertise I developed bespoke strategies to grow visits and revenue through online bookings direct through the clients website.
October, 2015


Working within the UK division of CEWE was my first time working full-time in-house. This allowed me to hone my skills and finally break into the SEO specific field of digital marketing. Working directly within the acquisitions team I prioritised SEO growth after 2 significant website migrations within my first 6 months. Ranking recovery and technical audits were my main objectives. During my position at CEWE I successfully achieved page 1 rankings for key products for the brand.
April, 2020

IMPACT Digital Marketing

As the SEO specialist at IMPACT Digital Marketing, I am responsible for managing the SEO department and ensuring the success of over 5 clients, including franchises. Working remotely, I collaborate closely with clients to understand their business goals and develop customized SEO strategies. This involves conducting thorough keyword research and keeping up with the latest SEO trends and best practices.
As the department manager, I oversee the work of my team members, delegate tasks, and ensure that all projects are completed on time and within budget. I also maintain regular communication with clients to provide updates on the progress of their SEO campaigns and address any questions or concerns they may have.
February 2023

I’m Happy In My Current Role

It’s great when you find a company you feel happy and proud to be a part of. Currently I’m feel secure in my role as an SEO Specialist at Impact Digital Marketing and am not open to offers.


Professional Diploma

Digital Marketing Institute

This professional diploma in digital marketing certified the my knowledge of the industry I’ve been in for so long.

NVQ Level 4

Baltic Apprenticeships UK

The next level in my academic education led me to have a greater knowledge of the best practices that are required in the industry.

NVQ Level 3

Baltic Apprenticeships UK

This was my grounding and my first step into the digital marketing world. It helped me gain perspective on how I can use digital resources to grow businesses.


It’s crucial to report the wins and losses of your efforts in digital marketing. Utilising tools like Google analytics and Adobe Omniture are essential.

SEO Auditing

Utilising tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, ScreamingFrog and Moz I’m able to evaluate the health of a website and accurately make decisions to benefit the organic growth.


With basic knowledge in HTML, CSS and Json I’m able to communicate with the development team or implement changes myself.


Being able to show visual representations of the changes you want to implement are ideal for sharing with stakeholders. My tool of choice for this is Figma.


Knowledge of how a CMS works and the capabilities it has is essential to knowing what can actually be changed.

Task Management

It’s important to have an efficient procedure to make sure changes are communicated to the right stake holders. I’ve used systems like Asana, Wrike and Jira to do so.